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Blue Evil Eye Necklace in Silver Setting


Lore says that blue is the most powerful evil eye talisman.

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Now with protection.

Harness the power of blue...

This evil eye necklace sports a genuine denim lapis stone in it’s sterling silver setting. Lore has it that the blue evil eye is the most powerful of these favorite talismans for warding off evil.

In Turkey you will even find blue evil eye amulets hanging from the trees.

What makes this evil eye necklace so special?

  You won’t see a necklace like this anywhere else. Slight variations in each lapis and silver eye pendant occurs due to the fact that they’re handmade. No two are ever exactly the same.

  Each silver evil eye necklace is finished with a silver 925 sterling silver spring clasp and for extra strength it is connected with a soldered jump ring. 

  The silver box chain has a patina for added definition and drapes luxuriously due to the squared link design.

  Every Quirky & Odd necklace is artist-made in small batches by Lori Greenberg from sterling silver sheet and wire that is fabricated with hammers, and saws, and torches, (oh my!) into the detailed evil eye chain links. 

See what people are saying, and why they keep coming back for more.

  • 16" or 18" chain
  • Silver spring clasp: 13.5mm x 7mm wide
  • Weight: .1 oz.
  • Eye pendant measures 24mm x 11mm x 2mm thick
  • Handmade by Lori Greenberg
  • 925 sterling silver
  • Only on Quirky & Odd
This necklace is available in two sizes, 16" and 18". The best way to see where it will lay is to cut a string to either 16" or 18" and place around neck, joining the two ends together.
This silver jewelry set has a light patina on it that rests in the cracks and crevices and serves to give each design a little more definition and pop. A complimentary cleaning kit is included in every order. Replacement or additional kits can be purchased here.

Cleaning and Care Instructions:

  Store in airtight baggie with anti-tarnish strip.   Minimize sterling silver’s contact with chemicals like hairspray, perfume, lotions, chlorine, etc.   Clean with soft cloth.   For deeper cleaning use a mild soap or detergent.   Avoid silver dip cleaning solutions and bleach.   To remove any tarnish that may occur, use enclosed Sunshine Cloth. 

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