Ceramic Tumbling Media for Silver Jewelry Making – Polish and Smooth – (10oz)


Jewelry designers, patina your silver pieces with your choice of liver of sulfur or blackening liquid, and then tumble with this ceramic silicon carbide media for either a shiny surface, or a more matte finish.

Also great for easily smoothing sharp edges so pieces come out comfortable to wear.

  • 10 oz package.
  • Ceramic embedded with silicon carbide.
  • The shape and small size allows it to get into small areas while leaving behind patina in crevices.
  • This media is intended for jewelry makers who work with silver.
  • This media is NOT intended for consumers to clean their own jewelry.
  • Do not use unless you know the nature of the metals and components in your jewelry pieces and how they interact with tumbling media.

See the instructions tab for more information.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

1. Paint on or dip in liquid blackening agent, or liver of sulfur product of your choice according to the instructions for that product. For the pieces shown here, I did not do any pre-polishing.  
2. Place in rotary tumbler barrel with the 10 oz of tumbling media and cover with about 3/4" to 1" of water and a drop or two of Dawn dishwashing soap.
3. Close up tumbler and tumble. I have found success with 2 hours to remove patina and reveal a shine as shown in this bracelet: For a more matte finish, and more aggressive metal removal to smooth edges more, I tumbled the links shown below for 21 hours. (I actually forgot them ☺️). Experiment to see what works best on your pieces...it's hard to over tumble.    
3. Strain and rinse tumbling media and spread on towel to dry. Clean tumbling barrel before using different tumbling media.
Harder stones, and glass, can be tumbled for a short duration without scratching, however, you should test your own stones before committing to a large batch.