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Evil Eye Jewelry Clasp for Designers


Sterling eye clasp, for yourself, or for resale in your own pieces.

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Grab these, fast!

Only three clasps in stock...

Being a jewelry designer, I know how hard it can be to find that special finishing touch for your own quirky designs.

Use these handcrafted solid sterling silver eye clasps for your own special jewelry piece, or for resale in the designs for your own offbeat jewelry-loving customers.

  The Quirky & Odd version is guaranteed unique, and of the highest quality. So unique that slight variations occur from clasp to clasp. You’ll barely notice but if you look closely enough you’ll see that each detail is hand-sawed, stamped, and finished.

  I usually create collections in small batches but these clasps are truly a small batch with only three currently available. 

Why is eye jewelry so popular?

The eye motif has been popular through the millennia, since at least 3.300 b.c. , and today’s trends are still heavy on eye jewelry, fashion, and decor.

Eyes are so popular is because they play a huge part in our lives. You can tell a lot from someone based on their eyes, don’t you think? Have you ever heard that eyes are the window to the soul? I bet you can come up with many descriptors that have to do with eyes. Bedroom eyes, power glare, wide-eyed, shifty eyes, kind eyes, etc.

See what people are saying about Quirky & Odd jewelry and why they keep coming back for more. Maybe you’d like to add a clasp to your own work.

  • Clasp measures approximately 45.5mm end to end
  • Hooks average 17mm x 10mm x 1.5mm thick
  • Eye link measure 32mm x 13.5mm x 2mm thick
  • Weight: .15 oz
  • Solid sterling silver
  • Hand-fabricated by Lori Greenberg
  • Found exclusively on Quirky & Odd
This evil eye jewelry clasp is offered up for you, my jewelry designing people! You most likely know how to take care of sterling silver but if not, here's a refresher:   Store sterling silver jewelry in airtight baggie with anti-tarnish strip.   Minimize sterling silver’s contact with chemicals like hairspray, perfume, lotions, chlorine, etc.   Clean with soft cloth.   For deeper cleaning use a mild soap or detergent.   Avoid silver dip cleaning solutions and bleach.   To remove any tarnish that may occur, use a Sunshine Cloth.

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