Single Silver Eye Bracelet


Ward off negativity in style. Sterling silver evil eye jewelry is the perfect remedy.

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Ward off negativity in style.

Wear this best-seller with everything.

  Every Quirky & Odd bracelet is artist-made in small batches by Lori Greenberg from 100% solid sterling silver sheet and wire that is hand-fabricated with hammers, and saws, and torches, (oh my!) into the detailed evil eye chain links.

  Each bracelet is sized to your specifications.

  Finished with an easy-to-grip, spring lobster clasp of pure sterling silver soldered in place for durability.

  Unique to Quirky & Odd.

The Meaning of Eye Jewelry

Eye of Protection jewelry are talismans that have been used for millennia to ward off negativity and evil. Also known as Evil Eyes, legend says that they have the ability to block everything from negative gossip coming your way to flat out curses. Might as well cover your bases, and do it in style, eh? 

That’s just one purported benefit of wearing jewelry with the eye motif. We here at Quirky & Odd like to use it as our quiet little shout of, “Hey! We’re different. And we’re damn proud of it!” 

See what people are saying, and why they keep coming back for more.

  • Size: 7"
  • Weight: .3 oz.
  • Eye charms measure 24mm x 13mm (loop to loop) x 2mm thick
  • Eye portion measures 17mm x 13mm
  • Sterling spring clasp measures 12mm x 4mm wide
  • 100% sterling silver
  • Soldered links
  • Handmade by Lori Greenberg
  • Found exclusively on Quirky & Odd
Measure wrist size with flexible measuring tape, (or gently wrap a string around your wrist and then measure the length. Add 1/4" to your wrist size, or more, if you'd like it to drape more loosely.
This silver jewelry set has a light patina on it that rests in the cracks and crevices and serves to give each design a little more definition and pop. A complimentary cleaning kit is included in every order. Replacement or additional kits can be purchased here.

Cleaning and Care Instructions:

  Store in airtight baggie with anti-tarnish strip.   Minimize sterling silver’s contact with chemicals like hairspray, perfume, lotions, chlorine, etc.   Clean with soft cloth.    For deeper cleaning use a mild soap or detergent.   Avoid silver dip cleaning solutions and bleach.   To remove any tarnish that may occur, use enclosed Sunshine Cloth. 

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