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Sterling Silver All-Seeing Evil Eye Pendant


Put luck on your side with this good luck talisman.


Put luck on your side with this silver good luck talisman.

Evil Eye Jewelry isn't just for protection anymore...

That’s right. Eye jewelry symbolizes luck, too. I suppose being safe from evil can be seen as lucky. Here are some other reasons why you want one of these sterling silver charm necklaces…

  The Quirky & Odd version is unique. So unique that even from charm to charm there are slight variations because they’re all individually handmade.

  They’re created in small batches by silversmith Lori Greenberg from wire and sheets of pure sterling silver that is formed with hammers and saws, that are then soldered together into your own personal evil eye charm.

  They hang from a lightweight 925 sterling silver box chain that drapes luxuriously while still being strong.

Why is eye jewelry so popular?

Like with anything, the longer something is around the more popular it becomes, and eye symbolism has been on trend since oh, around 3300 b.c.?  That’s quite a run.

Over the past few years it seems like eyes are everywhere. Not just the feeling that Big Brother is watching us, but in fashion and decor as well. More and more celebrities are popping up wearing this favorite motif. It’s kind of fun to listen to the conspiracy theories regarding celebrities and the Illuminati eye symbolism, but I digress.

One reason that eyes are so popular is because they play a huge part in our lives. You can tell a lot from someone based on their eyes. You know, the whole, eyes are the window to the soul thing. Think about it. I bet you can come up with many descriptors that have to do with eyes. Bedroom eyes, power glare, wide-eyed, shifty eyes, kind eyes, etc.

Basically, eyes are the ultimate in self-expression, and the reading of others.

See what people are saying, and why they keep coming back for more.

Special Features and Measurements:

  • 16" or 18" chain (longer available upon request)
  • 100% sterling silver
  • Silver clasp measures 13.5mm x 7mm wide
  • Eye charms measure 24mm x 11mm x 2mm thick
  • Weight: .1 oz
  • Hand-fabricated by Lori Greenberg
  • Found exclusively on Quirky & Odd

Cleaning and Care Instructions:

  • Store in airtight baggie with anti-tarnish strip.
  • Minimize sterling silver’s contact with chemicals like hairspray, perfume, lotions, chlorine, etc.
  • Clean with soft cloth.
  • For deeper cleaning use a mild soap or detergent.
  • Avoid silver dip cleaning solutions and bleach.
  • To remove any tarnish that may occur, use enclosed Sunshine Cloth.

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