Why I Love Bracelets So Much

Everyone has their favorite piece of jewerly, but do you have a favorite type of jewerly? If you had to choose between rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, could you do it?

I make jewelry so of course, I love it all. But, also because I spend a lot of my day making jewelry, I can’t wear it all for safety reasons. 🙁

These days though, I'm choosing bracelets at my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it all, but bracelets have a lot of perks that make me happy.

red modern bracelet
Red Glass and Silver Art Jewelry Bracelet

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a little in love with art. All kinds of art. I want it around me all the time. I need it around me all the time. I see jewelry as a way to fulfill that, and that’s something I keep in mind as I create my pieces. Because, doesn’t everything feel that way?

I do enjoy a creatively-made pair of earrings…but when I’m wearing them, I can’t see them, and for me, jewelry is as much about looking good with an outfit as it is about the wearer being able to enjoy it.

With bracelets, all I have to do is look down and oo la la, I’ve gotten my fix! 😍

Blue Glass and Silver Art Jewelry Bracelet

Necklaces with a long pendant can work that way, too, but I tend to like a shorter necklace. And while fiddling with a shorter necklace has a soothing effect, I miss that I can’t see what others see when it’s on.

handmade carnelian bracelet
Carnelian Stone and Silver Art Jewelry Bracelet

Oh, but RINGS you say! I do love me a nice big, chunky ring. And the ones I make are little works of art. But, alas, I’m an artist who works with my hands all day and I worry about getting my finger lopped off because my ring gets caught in a piece of equipment. Or that I’d damage the ring by nicking it with a file, saw, or other tool.

fine jewelry bracelet
Handmade Bracelet, Silver, Thulite, and Custom Glass Stones

Bracelets are far enough from what is going on in my hands to be safe.

And now that I’ve talked about how much I love bracelets, it seems kind of funny that my next collection will be all earrings. 😆

The Earring Madness Collection releases December 10th so there will be time for Christmas gift delivery. If you’d like to receive immediate notice, and best pricing, head on over and join my Quirky&Odd VIP mailing list.

So, bracelets are my favorite. What about you? Do you have a preference? And if so, what are your reasons?

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